Healthy Recipes

It is a brave new world in 2020, with unprecedented worries and fears. We can keep ourselves safe with social distancing, social isolation and quarantine. Plus ensuring our hands are clean and we sneeze in our elbows. We also have to nourish our bodies to help keep our immune system and our spirits strong and …

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Full mason jars on a pantry shelf

Pantry Items to Keep on Hand

It’s helpful to keep some staples on hand in case of unforeseen circumstances.  You do not need to buy all of these items at once and you should not buy foods you will not use. Ask a registered dietitian for more information. Fruits and Vegetables PotatoesSweet potatoesCarrotsOnionsTurnip/rutabagaWinter squashCanned vegetables (corn, tomatoes, carrots, peas, etc)Shelf-stable soupsTomato …

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Rustic table covered with fresh meat, fish, bread, fruit and vegetables, eggs, herbs, and spices

Keeping Food Safe to Eat

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reports that “there is currently no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of COVID-19. Still, all Canadians should continue to follow good hygiene practices when handling food and preparing meals. Wash hands often and before preparing food, cook meat thoroughly, keep cold foods cold …

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Herbs and spices creating the silhouette of a plate and cutlery

Eating Together Safely

Eating is a social activity; it’s a way to celebrate and also comfort ourselves in times of stress or emotion. It’s a way to share culture and new foods with others, a way to connect and build relationships. To this end, Melissa Murray, a Registered Dietitian in St. Joseph’s Urban Family Health Team, shares her tips …

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