Primary Care Clinical Psychologist

The Family First Family Health Team (FHT) is looking for a committed and experienced Psychologist with a background in primary care to join our dedicated team of allied health providers and administrative personnel. Collectively and proudly we aim to improve the quality of and access to comprehensive primary care in the communities of Orleans, Navan, and Blackburn Hamlet.

Key Responsibilities

Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Perform the protected Act of diagnosis for mental disorders;
  • Assess the functioning of individuals, couples, and/or families with regards to mental disorders, and overall functioning; and
  • Conduct case conceptualizations based on the assessment to help with treatment planning.

Treatment, Management, and Planning

  • Provide individual, couple, family, and/or group counselling and psychotherapy;
  • Treat mental health disorders;
  • Treat interpersonal and relationship problems;
  • Manage psychological factors and problems associated with physical conditions and disease, including chronic and terminal illnesses;
  • Address somatic manifestations and symptoms of mental health problems;
  • Implement behavioural health strategies;
  • Treat addictions and substance use and abuse;
  • Assist with pain management;
  • Assist with stress, anger and other aspects of lifestyle management;
  • Treat problems associated with cognitive functioning; and
  • Document all clinical encounters in the electronic medical record in accordance with organizational policy.

Prevention, Education, Advocacy, and Advisory

  • Implement strategies to promote mental health and wellness;
  • Provide psychosocial education to help prevent the development and/or recurrence of mental health problems;
  • Initiate health education and other activities that assist, promote and support clients as they strive to achieve the highest level of mental health and wellness;
  • Counsel and educate patients on mental health and wellness issues;
  • Develop and deliver mental health education programs for patients and communities;
  • Develop learning resources for patients;
  • Help patients to identify and use mental health resources;
  • Involve patients in decisions about their own mental health and wellness;
  • Encourage patients to take action for their own mental health and wellness;
  • Help educate students, peers, and other healthcare providers; and
  • Act as a health advocate for patients.

Referrals and Collaboration

  • Collaborate with other healthcare providers;
  • Provide professional guidance and support to other healthcare providers including treatment planning recommendations and case conceptualizations; and
  • Consult other healthcare providers and/or refer patients for further assessment or treatment as required and appropriate.

Organization and Team

  • Uphold a positive attitude;
  • Help the organization to fulfill its mission and to achieve organizational goals and objectives;
  • Promote the organization, its programs and its services with patients, key stakeholders, and the community at large;
  • Lead the mental health program development efforts and assist with the development of a mental health component for medical programs;
  • Provide leadership and consultation with regards to evidence-based interventions to other colleagues in the mental health team
  • Provide clinical guidance and support to team members
  • Use the most effective and efficient method to deliver programs and services, and continue to improve the quality of same.

Professional Development

  • Exhibit a commitment to life-long learning;
  • Maintain and develop professional competence through ongoing professional development;
  • Stay current and aware of opportunities to implement new, evidenced-based methods of patient assessment and treatment;
  • Participate in self-directed learning.

Confidentiality of Information

  • Adhere to all applicable privacy and confidentiality legislation and regulations; and
  • Safeguard confidential and sensitive information related to the organization, its patients, and its personnel.



  • Maintain licensure and registration as a Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.
  • Maintain current membership and evidence of adequate liability insurance through a professional association or another insurance carrier.


  • Minimum of 3-5 years of continuous experience as a clinical psychologist;
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the assessment, treatment, and management of mental health problems in both children and adults;
  • Recent (within 12 months) community-based clinical psychology;
  • Recent (within 24 months) hospital-based clinical psychology; and
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience with program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation.



$77,565 to $86,183 annually, based on experience, for 22.5 hours per week.


Eligible for medical benefits and Healthcare Workers of Ontario pension plan (HOOPP).


Job Description

A copy of the full job description will be provided to candidates invited to interview.

Application Deadline

Please submit your resume via email to before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, 15 April 2020.

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