As we are sure you are aware, COVID-19 has arrived in Canada.  There is information about COVID-19 on our website.  You can also get information from Ottawa Public Health.


Please be advised that COVID-19 testing is not available in the clinic.

COVID-19 Assessment Centre

The first COVID-19 Assessment Centre is now open. The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is an out-of-hospital clinic where people will be assessed by a health-care provider and tested for COVID-19 if required. It is operated by The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and CHEO, in partnership with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and the City of Ottawa.

You should go to the  Assessment Centre, not the Emergency Department or your family doctor’s office, if:

  • You have a new or worsening cough and/or fever, and
  • In the past 14 days have either travelled outside of Canada or been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Location and Hours

Brewer Park Arena
151 Brewer Way
Accessed from Bronson Avenue opposite Carleton University
Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily

Alternatively please call OPH at 613-580-6744 if you have traveled outside of Canada or to a Canadian community with established COVID-19 spread and you have flu like symptoms.

Telephone follow up can be arranged with your doctor to follow up on the Public Health consultation recommendations.

If you have been tested for COVID-19 infection, you will not be able to attend the clinic for an appointment in person until we receive your test results indicating that you have tested negative.

Measures Being Taken by our Clinic to Help Manage this Pandemic


You will be screened for symptoms and travel history when you book your appointment and when you arrive in the clinic.  If you have traveled to a risk area and you develop flu like symptoms before your appointment – please call Ottawa Public Health at  613-580-6744.  Please call the clinic to advise us. We will make arrangements for a telephone follow up appointment with your physician. 

Please do not come to the clinic if you have flu like symptoms and have traveled prior to being cleared by Ottawa Public Health.  We see vulnerable patients in the clinic every day. And the clinic is located in a very public building.  If you might be infected with COVID-19 – we need you to do your part to help stop the spread of the virus.


We will be converting most appointments to telephone appointments when this is feasible.  If you do not require physical examination for your concern – a telephone appointment should be possible.  We soon hope to be able to offer e-visits, but we do not currently have this ability.  Please consider delaying or canceling appointments for non-urgent conditions that require a physical examination.  As the situation with infections changes in Ottawa – we may cancel these appointments ourselves.  Telephone appointments are available to be booked online through Health Myself or by calling us.

Weekend Walk-In

We will be enforcing social distancing in the weekend walk-in.  Patients coming to walk in cannot be screened prior to arrival as they are for regular appointments.  This increases the chances of someone with possible COVID-19 being present.  To help alleviate the risk of transmitting infection, the following will happen:

The walk-in will always run out of the FHT-side of the clinic (closest to the front of the store)

The doors to the clinic will only be partially opened. Only one (1) person will be permitted to enter and stand at the registration desk at a time. Everyone else must wait outside the doors and we recommend that the line should be spaced out allowing 2 metres (6 feet) of space between each person in line.

You will be screened by the staff in the clinic upon check in. If you have traveled to a risk area (outside of Canada or to a Canadian City with established COVID-19 spread) you will be sent home to contact public health.

If you are safe to be seen at the clinic – you will be provided with a slip that indicates the time that you should present to the clinic.  Please note that this is not an appointment time – but rather a window at which we anticipate being able to see you.  You will not be permitted to wait in the clinic.  Only patients who will be seen in the next 30 minutes will be permitted in the clinic to reduce the chances of transmitting infections.  You can return home until your arrival time, you can wait outside the building or in your car, you can wait in the store. But, wherever you wait – we recommend that you avoid crowds and maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) between yourself and other individuals.  If you do not return to the clinic when your slip indicates – we may not be able to see you.

Masks and Hand Hygiene

You will be provided with a mask to wear if you have a cough, are sneezing, or have runny nose You must wear this throughout the duration of your visit to the clinic.  You may only take it off for a brief time as directed by your care provider if necessary to facilitate examination.  You must leave it on – even when you are in the examination room alone. This will limit the spread of infectious droplets in the examination room. This helps to protect the healthcare providers from becoming ill, as well as patients who will be in the room after you.  If you are given a mask to wear at the walk in – we recommend that you wear it throughout your wait to be seen (even outside of the clinic) and you MUST KEEP THIS MASK and HAVE IT ON WHEN YOU COME BACK.  Masks are in very short supply and very very expensive – we cannot provide multiple masks to a patient.  Please use the hand sanitizer in clinic after you have applied your mask, before leaving, at entry to the clinic and after coughing or sneezing.  We recommend that every patient use hand sanitizer upon entering the clinic and upon leaving – even if you are not sick.

We appreciate your patience during this difficult time.  We appreciate everyone doing their best to help limit the spread of the infection and to keep everyone safe.  We need to maintain a safe environment to continue providing care to our vulnerable patients.

And, if you possibly have COVID-19 infection and are very ill or short of breath. You should still proceed to your local emergency department and follow their signage and advice regarding COVID-19.   If necessary, call 911 and be sure to advise the dispatcher if you have been traveling.