COVID-19 Resources

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AccessMHA Mental Health Resources

AccessMHA makes it easier to help find mental health and/or substance use support, services, and care. They eliminate the guesswork and work with you to...

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Patient Communication

Please take a few minutes to carefully read these important information in this COVID-19 update from our clinic. We want to support you in taking...

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Return to School Attestation

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is aware that families may face challenges getting their child back into school or daycare after they experience non-COVID related symptoms...

Man taking his blood pressure at home

How to Take Your BP at Home

Taking your blood pressure at home is quick, simple, and convenient, but there are a few things you need to do to ensure you are...

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Mental Health Crisis Services

It is normal that situations like COVID-19 can affect your mental health and it’s completely OK to ask for help.  Here are some mental health...

Man testing his blood sugar

FAQ: COVID-19 and Diabetes

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about COVID-19 and diabetes from Diabetes Canada.  The questions include: How does COVID-19 affect those living with diabetes? How...

Sick woman eating a bowl of soup while recovering from illness

Recovery Nutrition & Hydration

Unintentional weight loss during illness is a sign that the body is losing fluids and using fat and muscle for energy and protein in order...

Medication spilling out of a pill bottle on a prescription pad

Blood Pressure Medication

Here is some information from Diabetes Canada about the importance of taking your blood pressure medication, if prescribed to you and you have diabetes. Additional Resources...

Patient with insulin asking doctor for advice for diabetes care over video call.

How to Prepare

Here are some tips from Diabetes Canada to help you prepare for COVID-19 if you have diabetes. Additional Resources None at this time. Please Share Please share this...

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