Healthy Recipes During a Pandemic

It is a brave new world in 2020, with unprecedented worries and fears. We can keep ourselves safe with social distancing, social isolation and quarantine. Plus ensuring our hands are clean and we sneeze in our elbows.

We also have to nourish our bodies to help keep our immune system and our spirits strong and bright. The Primary Care Dietitians have been working to bring you some resources to help you eat healthy during COVID 19 and for the rest of your life!

Primary Care Dietitians are available for consult in your Family Health Team, Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic and Community Health Centres. We are here to help you!

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  • Apple Oatmeal with an Egg Boost
  • Muffin Tin Omelettes
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Breakfast Quesadilla
  • Rise and Shine Breakfast Sandwich
  • Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal
  • Overnight Oats: Apple Pie Oatmeal
  • Tofu Scramble

Lunch and Dinner

  • Curried Lentils, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower
  • Mango Black Bean Salad
  • Quinoa and Lentil Pilaf
  • Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna
  • Sweet Chili Tofu Stir-fry
  • Vegetable Quinoa Salad
  • Couscous Salad
  • Cashew Chicken Curry
  • Easy, Colourful, High-fibre, Multi-bean Salad
  • Greek Rice & Feta Stuffed Peppers
  • Easy Peasy Pita Pizza
  • Beef Fajitas
  • Quick Quinoa and Veggie Casserole
  • Barley Lentil Salad with Kale, Apples, Almonds and Feta
  • Baked Sundried Tomato Cod
  • Burrito Bowls with Chicken
  • Roasted Fish with New Potatoes

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