Neuropathic Pain Medication Management Tips


Aug 27, 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



This webinar, delivered by Denise Kreutzwiser, will review key points about the guideline recommendations for drug therapy to manage chronic neuropathic pain, as well as highlight how these medications work and important medication effectiveness and safety considerations.  By the end of this webinar, participants will have a better understanding of the step-wise process healthcare providers follow when considering and monitoring drug therapy in the setting of chronic neuropathic pain.  This 10-minute video by Dr. Andrea Furlan provides an overview of what neuropathic pain is and sets the stage for the webinar Denise will be delivering.

Denise Kreutzwiser is the pain management program pharmacist at St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Care London. Denise transitioned her clinical focus from HIV/viral hepatitis treatment to chronic pain management in January 2017 following the Ontario government’s investment in expanded allied health services at outpatient hospital pain clinics. Denise provides both individual and group-based medication services for chronic pain patients. Educating patients, health care students/trainees, and colleagues about evidence-informed pain medication management is a key part of Denise’s position.

Living Healthy Champlain


Living Healthy Champlain

Living Healthy Champlain provides a centralized program in the region to improve coordination of and access to self-management supports, programs and resources for people with chronic conditions, and training for healthcare professionals supporting patients living with chronic conditions.



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