Our Mission

As a team we deliver evidence-based and quality-driven family health care.

Strategic Objective 1

Innovate ways to improve access to health education and home service delivery.

Strategic Objective 2

Provide patients access to a range of providers to address their medical needs in a timely and effective manner that appropriately uses health resources.

Strategic Objective 3

Continue to build reciprocal partnerships that serve the interest of quality patient care

Strategic Objective 4

Deliver programs that are driven by quality and evidence-based guidelines.

Strategic Objective 5

Empower a Quality Committee to improve service efficiency and the patient experience.

Strategic Objective 6

Provide access to mental health services using a stepped up approach to care.

Strategic Objective 7

Proactively engage our patient population in health promotion, prevention, and chronic disease management to improve health outcomes.

Strategic Objective 8

Attract and retain highly-skilled medical service providers who are supported and deliver care within their full scope of practice.

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