Yellow Fever Epidemic Zones

There is a lot of misinformation available on the internet today - especially unsubstanciated health claims.  It is important that patients know which sites provide credible information as they prepare for their international trip.

The most valuable and credible information for you as a traveller  to consider is available at:

Centrefor Disease Control and Prevention
This site is the world leading resource for travel health information.  It is a credible site, with evidence based recommendations. 

The Government of Canada Travel Advisory
As every Canadian should well know at this point, the first point of contact for Canadians wanting to travel abroad should be the website.

It provides travel information on all countries and this is kept up to date regularly.  It also provides an excellent opportunity in advance to send questions or seek additional information from either DFAIT or the mission of the country that they’re considering visiting.

And obviously registering with the high commission or embassy through the online registration system, so that if something should happen, the embassy has the personal details of the traveller and can contact them and follow up if necessary.

The Public Health Agency of Canada
This website regularly updates notices of international health Travel Health Notices.  It is a good resource for Canadians visiting abroad.

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