Travel service is not insured by OHIP.  Dr Lillian George, a licensed travel health specialist will first see you and assess your needs. You must pay for the travel consult fee before you see the physician for this service. The doctor will then make recommendations as to what medications should be administered and when.  You should arrive ideally months before your trip to ensure an appropriate medical timeline for immunizations can be planned for.  You will be provided with the prescriptions you require and guidance as to the timeline over which they should be administered. Before you leave the clinic,  make the appointments at reception to see the nurse for your injections if they will not be administered the same day.

When you arrive for your medication,  you must first pay for the medications at reception and you must present your receipt of payment to the nurse. 

After further consideration, if you have further questions about the travel medications and immunizations you are to receive for the same trip, you may book a follow-up appointment with Dr George without additional charge.

Travel Consult Fee: $50/person  or $40/second person, same visit

Supplier/Vaccine Type Patient Prices
GSK Vaccines  
Hep B
$ 40.00
Hep B Ped.
$ 25.00
Havrix 1440 1.0 ml (prefilled syringe)
$ 65.00
Havrix 720 Junior 0.5ml (prefilled syringe)
$ 40.00
Priorix 0.5ml (vial) Twinrix Adult
$ 75.00
Twinrix Ped. $ 40.00
Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines  
Hep A
$ 65.00
Hep A Ped.
$ 40.00
Dukoral (1 dose package)
$ 50.00
Imovax Rabies (1 Dose Vial + Diluent)
Prescription Only
Japanese Encephalitis
$ 230.00
Menactra (1 dose vial)
Prescription Only
Typhim Vi (1 dose syringe)
$ 45.00
ViVaxim (1 dose syringe)
Prescription Only
YF - Vax (1 dose vials + diluent) $ 165.00 - not available in 2018


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