Comprehensive Primary Care - Patient Responsibilities

Clinic Policies for Family Practice Patients

Clinic Policies have been developed to ensure a mutually respectful environment for patients, staff, and health care providers. The staff is expected to enforce them uniformly. The physicians have reviewed and agreed to these being the policies of the clinic, and expect that patients will follow them without requesting exceptions. First failing to abide by clinic policies will result being politely reminded of clinic policy. Patients who continue to
blatantly disregard clinic policy will be banned from the centre.


  1. Abusive behaviour towards clinic staff and health service providers will
    not be tolerated;
    and can result in patients being permanently denied access to
    the services of the clinic. Abusive behaviour includes any form of name calling,
    yelling, and any type of assault, threats or ignoring directives. Clinic staff and
    physicians must treat patients with courtesy and professionalism, while enforcing
    clinic and practice policy.
  2. Shopping carts are not permitted inside the clinic property. The medical
    clinic is not a part of the Superstore store. Shopping carts are the property of
    Superstore Corp, and are for use inside the store or to take paid merchandise to the
    shopper's vehicle. The carts damage the floors and walls of the clinic, and are
    disruptive to traffic patterns of the clinic. They are also a hazard to patients in
    wheel chairs.
  3. Store merchandise is not permitted inside the clinic property. Paid for
    merchandise should be delivered to your vehicle prior to entering the clinic.
  4. Cell phones must be turned off when entering the clinic. Cell phones are
    disruptive to the clinic environment and are disrespectful to your health care
  5. Cameras are not allowed on the clinic premises. Patients expect privacy
    and anonymity when using the services of the clinic. It is the clinic's professional
    responsibility to do everything possible to protect patient privacy rights.
  6. Patients and the public are not allowed to touch any medical or IT
    equipment for any reason.
    Clinic medical and computer related equipment is in
    place for use by authorized staff for the delivery of medical services only.
  7. Avoid bringing common allergens to the clinic. Many people have
    sensitivities and allergies that make them suffer greatly, or can even put their life at
    risk. Do not wear perfumes or perfumed products, and do not bring nuts into the
    clinic. Absolutely no pets are allowed in the clinic, only animals allowed are
    medically necessary companions.
  8. Avoid bringing food in general to the clinic. The store has an eating area
    on the 2nd level with tables for people to relax and eat. Many people in the clinic
    are ill, and in general the smell of food can disturb them. Mothers are allowed to
    nurse their infants on the premise at any time anywhere they are comfortable to do


  1. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children always. If
    your child or dependant damages the clinic or clinic owned equipment you will be
    charged to repair or replace it as required.
  2. There is no facility to warm baby’s bottles in the clinic. If you require the
    use of a microwave there is one available to the public in the food service area of
    the Superstore.
  3. There are baby change stations in the handicap bathrooms one on each end of
    the reception area.
  4. The children's area and toys have been placed for the many well-child visits
    done daily. If your child is sick please do not allow your child to contaminate the
    other children and toys. This is especially true if you suspect your child to suffer
    from a highly contagious disease such as Chicken Pox, Lice, Pink Eye, Gastric Virus
    or Flu etc.

Phone Policies

  1. The name of the Walk-in doctor is NEVER provided on the
    The Walk-in Calendar allows patients to access the walk-in schedule of
    render? >
  2. If you have a health concern, please call the clinic. Phones are answered
    from 8am - 8pm Monday - Thursday, 8:30-2:00 Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Every
    doctor saves some time for same day appointments. As a rostered patient of a
    doctor in the Family Health Organization you are guaranteed to be able to see a
    doctor of the group within 24 hours of your call if your concern is urgent. Your call
    is treated in priority sequence so please wait on the line for the next available
  3. When you call, the agent will first try to fit you in to see your own doctor. If
    your doctor can not accommodate you, the agent will try to fit you in to see one of
    the doctors in the group. If no day-time appointment is available, the agent will
    make an appointment for you to see the evening or weekend doctor. By calling you
    will not have to wait on walk-in but will be treated with priority with an
    appointment. This is the way we ensure that the group's family practice patients
    have priority access to their doctor.
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