Comprehensive Primary Care - Appointment Guidelines

Patients are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time to
register and finish with the nurse in time to see the doctor. At times there can be a line at
reception which means you can miss some of your appointment time if you have not arrived
sufficiently early. Patients who arrive less than 10 minutes ahead of their
appointment time are considered late.
Your doctor has set aside time specifically for
your benefit and works very hard every day to operate on time. If we allow patients to
arrive right at the appointment time, then the doctor will run late for every appointment.
Patients are expected to see doctors at this centre for all their primary care
Your doctor works in a group, works hard to maintain time in his schedule to deal
with problems in a timely manner. By always contacting this centre your single medical
record is kept complete.

Nurse Visits

Patients who are rostered as a family practice patient with a member of the
Family First FHO may make an appointment directly with a nurse for the following
types of visits without an appointment with your doctor.

Wart Treatments: Using liquid nitrogen our nurses are trained to treat Warts.

Ear Wax: If your ears are painfully blocked, or blocked to the point of hearing
impairment with ear wax.

Injections: Allergies, B12, or any injection for which you have already been
provided a prescription by your doctor. Allergy serum of family practice patients
may be stored at the clinic free of charge. Patients who receive a prescription for a
medication that is not stocked at the clinic must first arrange to order and purchase
from a pharmacy and then make an appointment with the nurse for it to be
administered. Medications stocked by the clinic must be paid for before they can be
administered by the nurse.

Diabetic Counselling 1st Visit: If you are a diagnosed diabetic patient that is
referred by your physician you may meet the RN for entry to the Diabetic
Counselling service. It is led by the nurse and includes counselling on diet and
lifestyle, sugar monitoring, feet inspection, community service links and support.
This first visit is about 30-45 minutes with the nurse.

Diabetic Counselling Followup: Once registered in the Diabetic Counselling
programs, you should see the nurse every three months to update your flow sheet,
and keep monitoring your target goals, and have your feet inspected.


Rostered patients of a clinic physician who choose to walk-in should always ask the
receptionist if their own doctor is able to accommodate them. Each doctor always
keep some openings for same day appointments - because your doctor wants as
much as possible to meet all your primary care needs.

If you call first you will be given an urgent appointment and avoid a long wait or
disappointment by arriving without an appointment.

Walk-in registration can be closed at any point during the shift if the doctor is fully
registered. Rostered patients can make an appointment to see the Walk-in doctor
evenings and weekends - therefore they can walk-in and 'bump the queue'.

Rostered patients who walk-in without a prior appointment must wait in line in the
order of arrival like all public patients.

Urgent Care

For medical reasons Urgent Care visits must see the doctor within 24 hours.
Examples of urgent care visits include a high fever lasting in excess of 2 days, an
untreated infectious condition (such as bladder, vaginal, eye) that requires
immediate treatment.

Urgent Care visits does not include renewal of medications. You should plan to visit
your doctor the week before the end of your current prescription. The doctor
usually will make the prescription and refills equal to the time in which he or she
wants to reassess.

If you have an urgent issue as a rostered patient you should call the clinic. Each
doctor saves certain time slots in their day to accomodate their own patient's urgent
needs. If your doctor is away or on vacation you will be given an appointment with
one of the group physicians.

Urgent Care appointments are to deal with a single problem of an urgent medical
nature - they do not intended deal with complex chronic conditions.

Follow-up Care Appointments

The primary appointment that each doctor offers is follow-up care appointments.
Some doctors book 10 minutes and some book 15 minutes. These appointments
are available for the doctor's patients do deal with a particular problem the patient
is having. They are timed to allow the doctor listen to the patient, examine the
patient for that particular problem, complete an assessment, define a course of
action, and provide the patient with referals, prescriptions or requisitions that the
patient requires to address that problem.

These times slots are not timed for the doctor to be able to deal with a long list of
problems. You are expected to see your doctor regularly to deal with problems as
they come up.

Phone Appointments

If a FHO rostered patient presents a problem that the doctor feels a follow-up by
phone is appropriate - the doctor will offer a phone appointment. This offer is based
on the fact that the doctor does not feel a physicial examination is required. This
appointment is not available for a patient to book unless the doctor has noted in the
chart that a follow-up phone appointment is appropriate for this circustance. So
while a patient might get to have a phone appointment for one issue - they might
not get to book another. This is purely at the doctor's discretion.

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